Patrol made easy


Schedule Patrols

Schedule upcoming or recurring patrols for guards and view them from the calendar

Patrol Status

Managers can view and get alerts on whether a patrol is completed, missed, or in progress.

Mobile App

Easy to use mobile app that utilizes the NFC scanner in the smartphone

Customizable Patrol routes

Managers can create customized routes for the security guard to patrol

Key Tracking

Keep track of all keys being used by each security guard

Authorized Entry

View who has the authorization to enter the property or certain areas​

Online & Offline Mode

Scan security checkpoints with or without a network connection


Durable NFC hardware that can be placed anywhere on a property


Generate detailed reports regarding each patrol route

Security logs

Log security activities and procedures to use as reference or train new staff

Incident Reporting

Take pictures or write a report of incidents as soon as they happen through our mobile app

User Management

Give each guard their own account and manage each account from a centralized work-space

Need More Information?

General Reporting –Guards can use the Patrol Points app to generate detailed reports about the patrol, including how long it took, an area patrolled, staff that patrolled, if it was completed, etc. This feature makes it easier for the supervisor to recognize if sites have been unvisited and know the sites that require inspection the most. While it may have taken you months or longer to collect data reports and fix long-term problems on a paper-based system, a cloud-based solution allows you to resolve them with speed and efficiency.

Incident Reporting – The patrol guard scans the QR code using their mobile device which has the Patrol Points app. This sends an immediate alert to you including the guard’s exact geographical location. If a guard notices anything out of place, they can send a text or voice message to the control center by scanning the token with their smartphone. The administrator on the other end will receive a complete report with detailed notes and photographs of the incident as it happened. This might be a broken lock or other urgent problem that needs immediate action. Every time a guard takes action, you receive the information in real-time through the shared cloud interface. Patrol guards no longer have to carry around clunky notebooks and pens as well as all the other equipment they used in the past. The Patrol Points brings convenience and ease to incident reporting and all other aspects of guard tour patrol operations.

Send push notifications to managers about patrols via text or email. Patrol Points increases efficiency while minimizing work time by allowing patrol guards to send incident and SOS reports immediately via text or email. The monitoring center can take immediate action on these reports to ensure officer safety while securing the premises as well. You’ll even receive notifications for early, late or missed checkpoints so that you can take appropriate action and manage every aspect of the patrol in real time.

Schedule and manage patrols from anywhere using your smartphone. The idea of managing property safety away from the office is no longer a pipe dream. Thanks to Patrol Points you can literally manage all aspects of your patrol guard tour system from your smartphone. As long as you have access to a secure connection and a functioning device, you can access all of the software’s different features-including the scheduling! Simply go to the Patrol Scheduling feature on the interface and use the provided templates to create patrol routes according to a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Once completed, the schedule will be visible on the security and concierge dashboard. Plus, you’ll receive real-time notifications for completed patrols, reports and even for missed patrols.  

Constantly keep track of patrol status and receive real-time notifications of missed patrols. While before you could only find out about missed patrols after the fact, now you can keep track of patrol route status and events in real-time. You’ll be able to notice big gaps in activity and missed checkpoints while they’re happening so that you can take action before these develop into more serious issues.

The best part about this feature is that every time a patrol guard completes a patrol, an automatically generated report with all the details will be sent to central management. Some of the details you’ll be privy to include patrol start and finish times, route checkpoint details, as well as missed checkpoints. All of this information is automatically generated and stored in the cloud permanently. This makes life so much easier for the administrator as it reduces the amount of work required to maintain accurate patrol data, and you’ll save tons of money that would’ve been spent manually tracing patrol status reports.

Shows when the patrol started and ended. You can see exactly where and when each guard punched in so you can tell payroll how many hours they worked and when. This allows you to spot patterns like under-performing officers that arrive late to checkpoints so you can take appropriate measures to eliminate such behavior in the future. 

This feature has great potential to increase guard accountability and productivity, as employees will operate knowing that their every move is recorded and stored on the cloud for everyone to see. 

Perform patrols with the mobile app, send and receive reports, create and share patrol routes, and check patrol status no matter where you are. The Patrol Points app is compatible with iOS and Android devices alike and works on smartphones and tablet devices.

Placing NFC hardware at key checkpoints around the property allows you to receive real-time notifications every time a patrol guard scans the checkpoint.  Because you’ve already created the patrol route complete with scheduled times and checkpoints, you can use this data to see if there are any discrepancies between the planned route and the completed route. Not only is this hardware affordable and easy to source, but we‘ll even provide it for you as part of the package.

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and it’s a feature that’s available in most smartphone devices today. It enables the device to connect with other NFC devices nearby by simply tapping them together. It’s as simple, quick and easy as that. NFC tokens are weatherproof and designed to withstand the elements. 

Develop custom patrols by choosing specific routes and sequences for each shift. Following the same patrol route, all the time can place your patrol guards in a vulnerable position. Keep in mind that criminals often start by “staking out” a place to see if there are any identifiable patterns in the patrol guards’ daily routine. If they notice that your patrol guards are taking the same route each night, they can easily devise a strategy to attack your property based on a predictable pattern. But, if you change patrol routes regularly you’ll make it difficult for criminals to find a way in. Patrol Points makes it easy to create customized patrol routes and share them with your guards on the cloud so that no-one else has access to the information.  

Patrol Points can be used offline and will sync patrol to the cloud once it gets signal. Even with an offline device, a patrol guard can scan checkpoints and continue with their duties, as usual, knowing that the information is safe. That means a patrol guard will never again miss a checkpoint because their smartphone was offline. You’ll still know what time they checked into each patrol point and whether or not they completed their route according to the schedule. This is one of many ways that Patrol Points is ensuring accountability and productivity in the workplace.