Incident Reporting

Resolve more issues in less time

Use your phone to keep track of every incident

The moment security encounters an incident, they can use the mobile app to record and report it. Incidents can be filed in the middle of a patrol, and updated if necessary.

Attach photos and add details to reports

Security officers can take photos of a broken window or fire hazard and attach it to their report. Officers can document the time and date, and categorize the type of incident. It’s easy to fill in details when the officer is on scene. 

Make sure incidents get to the right people

Incident reports can immediately be sent from a security officer to the property manager, other security team members, board members, or all three groups. Patrol Points keeps all concerned parties in the loop.

Use data to prevent incidents from reoccurring

Admin can run reports based on documented incidents, and gain a clearer understanding of the incidents that occur most frequently. Management and security can then work on finding solutions to minimize these occurrences.