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Patrol Points is a cutting-edge security guard tour system solution from Condo Control designed to improve and streamline the patrol guard checkpoint experience using cloud-based NFC technology from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet.

We allow security companies and property managers to reduce the time and resources needed to provide safe, efficient, and affordable patrol guard security. Using just a smartphone or tablet, security guards can create routes and interactive checkpoints around the premises, lodge incident reports on the spot, schedule and notify security staff of upcoming patrols, sync patrol reports directly to the security dashboard in real-time, and more. Just view our Features.

For us, it’s all about ensuring and improving the smooth operation of security patrol systems. Our cloud-based technology is dependable and simple to use, with off-line accessibility if there isn’t a network connection, and remote access to organize and monitor security on the go. Our platform is designed to be scalable to the size and needs of individual companies to improve productivity in pace with your company’s growth.

We understand the vital role of security in property management, and Patrol Points is committed to providing security companies with the best possible solutions to safeguard their clients.