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Imagine being able to develop paperless routes and checkpoint systems straight from your mobile device? This is now possible thanks to the Patrol Points cloud-based guard tour patrol system. You’ll no longer have to deal with endless filing duties that require you to spend all of your time in the office. As long as you have a smartphone with the installed software, you can develop and send out patrol routes and schedules from your smartphone and in real time.

Remember when you had to wait until the next day to find out if your patrol guards had any incidents to report? Well, those days are over. In keeping with modern technology the Patrol Points app allows security guards to take and send incident reports instantly. That way, you can either take care of the situation immediately or prepare to fix it first thing the next day. Either way, it puts you in a much better position than being bombarded with multiple incident reports at once in the morning. Some of the most common reports include things like broken locks or windows, but patrol guards often come across situations that prohibit them from scanning checkpoints as well. Now they can take pictures of obstructions that prevent them from making their rounds so that the situation can be taken care of timeously. It could be scaffolding or other construction equipment that’s keeping them from going from one part of the property to another. By receiving this feedback in real time, you can either find a way to remove the obstruction or amend the patrol route so that it fits the current situation and you’ll have the schedule ready by the next patrol shift!

The Patrol Points app comes with dedicated patrol schedules based on a daily, weekly and monthly time period. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and send it to the security and concierge dashboard. The patrol schedule is instantly visible to your security personnel once you send it, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s available on the cloud for your guards to check it at any time. You can use the same system to track the progress of each patrol route and you’ll get notified about missed scans or patrols as well.

As soon as a security guard completes a patrol the system will automatically generate a report with all the details pertaining to that patrol. This includes the patrol guard on duty, the start and finish time, as well as the route followed. For added transparency, this report will be sent to the relevant administrators immediately via email.

This software is automatically connected to the cloud which eliminates the need for software  installation. It also means that all information shared within the app is stored in the cloud according to neatly organized folders and templates. You can connect multiple devices to the cloud so that certain administrators and patrol guards can enjoy varying levels of access to the information contained therein

If you’ve been using old school guard patrol methods, then you know how difficult it can be to keep track of missed checkpoints and patrols. In fact, it’s not uncommon for patrol guards to fib about missing patrols, leaving you to think that they’re following the predetermined schedule when they’re only scanning a few of the checkpoints each night. With the Patrol Points software, you’ll receive an email or text whenever there’s a missed patrol. This feature alone will significantly improve transparency and productivity among your patrol guard staff by ensuring that you know of every missed checkpoint. It also allows you to hold your security guards accountable for missed checkpoints by placing corresponding penalties in place so they’ll avoid doing so in the future.

Patrol Points is compatible with all NFC-enabled smartphones, tablets and other devices. The only separate equipment that you need to purchase is the NFC hardware which is pretty easy to source. Alternatively, we can provide it to you at a nominal fee. Patrol Points is a comprehensive system that won’t break the bank. It’s cutting edge security technology that’s easy to use, yet it will transform the way you maintain safety in your building.

The Patrol Points “offline mode” enables you to scan and store checkpoints even if you’re not connected to WiFi or other networks. The information will go live on the cloud as soon as you get connected again, complete with accurate patrol times and the exact route taken. This software leaves no stone unturned and it’s designed to help you create a failsafe patrol guard tour system.