Register new patrol routes instantaneously 

Create new checkpoints using just your phone

When setting up a new patrol route, give it a name and start registering the NFC checkpoint tags. You can devote as few or as many checkpoints as you want to each route. Scan and register each tag using your phone or any other NFC-enabled device. Checkpoints can be edited or reorganized from the mobile app. 

Cost-effective hardware makes Patrol Points a viable option for any condo building

NFC tags are affordable and easy to install. They stick to most surfaces, and can be placed indoors or outside. The hardware is small and does not attract attention. You can purchase the tags, or ask us to provide them. 

Scan checkpoints with any NFC-enabled device

Patrol Points works with iPhones and Androids. As long as the software has been downloaded to your NFC-enabled smartphone (or tablet), you can successfully complete any registered patrol route. Your security team can focus on their job without having to use complicated or unreliable tools. 

Option for more flexible patrols

With Patrol Points’ enhanced patrol sequence setting, management can choose to let their guards scan checkpoints in any sequence. This gives them additional flexibility while on patrol. If routes must be completed according to the order of the checkpoints, the setting can be turned off.