Patrol Status

Receive notifications in real-time about the status of a patrol

Monitor scheduled and unscheduled patrols as they happen

Keep track of patrol status and receive real-time notifications of missed patrols. While on duty, security can add a note, create an incident report or attach an image at any checkpoint. All of this information is synced to the security dashboard in real-time. Management can access the information to see what’s happening in the building at any time.

Be the first to know when a problem arises

Even if you’re not in the building when an incident occurs, you can be notified about it on your phone when you download the mobile app. Take comfort knowing that you have a system in place that will help you resolve an unexpected issue on-site as soon as it happens.

Add an additional layer of security

Security professionals have the power to send incident reports if they require help. Management can take instant action on these reports to ensure officers aren’t left to handle dangerous situations on their own.

Patrol data is conveniently stored on the cloud

Every time an officer completes a patrol, management receives an automatically generated report with details about patrol start and finish times, route checkpoints, and missed checkpoints. These reports are also securely stored on the cloud. Get rid of paper reports and save time by eliminating the need to process reports individually.