Schedule Patrols

Create reoccurring patrols for security and streamline the scheduling process 

Schedule patrol routes every day, every week or every month

You have the power to customize how often a route should be patrolled. Select a route and indicate how often you want security to repeat it. You can even specify what time the patrol should begin, and leave a comment for the officer who will be covering the route.  

The patrol calendar helps to keep you organized

View all patrols for the day, week or month using the patrol calendar. Management can assign a specific colour to every route, and even analyze patrols based on completion status. You can easily make changes to any scheduled patrols on the calendar.  

Security can plan for upcoming patrols

Notify security staff of upcoming building patrols. Security and concierge can check their schedule from a desktop computer, or they can use the mobile app to prepare for upcoming patrols. Set your entire team up for success by designing and sharing prescheduled routes.