Customizable Patrol Routes

Keep customized routes private and secure

Keep your building safer by changing patrol routes

Assigning the same patrol route all of the time can place your building in a vulnerable position. With Patrol Points, it is possible to change the order of checkpoints so that no one outside of your team becomes familiar with building routes. Reorganizing checkpoints is a simple process: this can be done directly from your phone.

Share tasks that you need your team to complete

Administration has the option to add specific tasks to a route. They can even leave notes at certain checkpoints for security officers as they conduct a patrol. If officers are unable to complete a task, there is a space for them to include an explanation. Administration is notified once tasks are complete.

Protect information about customized routes

Patrol Points makes it easy to create and update customized patrol routes. Building routes are shared through the cloud on Condo Control Central’s platform so that only your security team has access to them. We value your need for privacy and have taken additional measures to ensure your patrol information stays safe.