Generate detailed reports about each patrol route

Isolate the data that matters most

Compile detailed security patrol reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Management can filter reports based on the date, route and even route status. Condo Control Central makes this process a painless one; all of the data you’re looking for is already on the cloud.

Use information to make smart decisions about security operations

Comprehensive data can reveal patterns or trends that would be hard to identify with paper reports. After running an incident report, you may notice that one area of your building is more susceptible to vandalism. You check your patrol routes report, and see that the route that directs security to that area isn’t scheduled often. Now that you’ve identified the problem, you can take steps to resolve it.

Download reports with the click of a mouse

Print or download reports to share with your team. Create a PDF or export data to an Excel spreadsheet. You can even save reports in Condo Control Central’s File Library and keep them handy for future reference.