Online/Offline Mode

Complete patrols with or without a network connection

Create more comprehensive routes

Some patrol routes are designed according to network availably. You don’t have to do that with Patrol Points. Place NFC tags in parking garages, stairwells and storage rooms. Security can still use the phone app to scan checkpoints, add comments and take photos without WiFi or data. All information is stored locally on the officer’s phone. This is a great tool to have if the WiFi cuts out unexpectedly. 

Never worry about forgetting to upload patrol data

Patrol data is automatically synced to the cloud once a smartphone has access to a network. The moment an officer connects to the internet, the current patrol is uploaded and the checkpoint data is removed from their phone. Officers can also manually sync data once they have WiFi or network access.  

Ensure accountability and productivity

Management can still obtain accurate information about whether a patrol was completed according to schedule. Times are still documented when a checkpoint is scanned in the offline mode, which means you can always see if checkpoints were reached in a timely manner.