Security Logs

Keep your security team on the same page with up-to-date security logs

Streamline the tedious process of logging security activities

Security can document everything online in one location. Logs also give security supervisors the power to track exactly what was done by the security officer during their shift, including when they started and completed their shift. Security logs are always available online, which means old logs can be retrieved instantaneously. 

Security teams always have access to the information they need

Shift changes are less disruptive when key information is readily available. Security logs are available to staff as soon as they begin their shift. They can edit a log if a situation develops while they are at work. When the next officer begins their shift, they can pull up the log to see what happened during the previous shift, who relieved the officer, and what equipment was received by the previous officer.  

Run reports and gather useful data

Use old reports to access useful insights about security activity in your building. When training new staff, you can even pull specific logs to show them how to (or how not to) document certain items.