Parking Management

Restore order to your parking lot or garage

Customize parking passes

Parking passes can be scheduled to expire at the same time every day, or after a fixed amount of time. Allow guests to access multi-day passes, or set limits on the number of permits each resident may receive each month. Our passes work to support your pre-existing parking rules.

Scan and save ID cards

If visitors must check with security or concierge before parking, staff can scan their driver’s licence or other ID card using a compact scanner. The hardware works with the software to capture and save photos and other identifying information, which can then be added to visitors’ profiles.

Regulate visitor profiles

Patrol Points’ parking management feature provides a structured visitor profile for your security team. All profiles capture the most important information about guests and their vehicles. If a guard needs to verify that a car has permission to occupy a space, they can easily check the system.

Free up more time for security staff

Admins have the option to allow residents to create their own visitor parking passes from their desktop or mobile phones, and print them off. This gives security more time to focus on protecting people and the property.