Authorized Entry

Take the guesswork out of guest authorization

Security can prepare to assist authorized guests before they arrive

Residents use our online authorization feature to leave specific instructions about a guest for security. If a resident is away but is expecting a contractor, family member, cleaner or other visitor, they can leave instructions for security, who will be able to access that information through the Security & Concierge feature. Unit owners can even attach a photo of the guest for security to refer to.

Security is able to keep track of a guest from the time they arrive until the time they leave

Security can verify if a guest has been permitted entry, document whether a key was given to the guest, and indicate if their ID was verified. They can even leave additional notes in the guest entry. When the guest is ready to leave, the guard ensures the unit is locked and logs the guest’s departure. Security can check online to make sure the unit has been locked.

Owners can update permissions at any time

Owners have full control over the people they want in their units. They can even revoke access from someone who they have previously given access to. Security will have the ability to see this change immediately after it has been made.

Unit entries are saved for future reference

Create detailed reports about unit entries. Data can be organized in several different ways, including by unit number, name of authorized guest, the security officer who let the guest in, and more.