Key Tracking

Never lose track of another key

Upload building keys to the system all at once

Using a simple template, management can upload all keys directly to Condo Control Central’s Security & Concierge platform. This platform works collaboratively with Patrol Points. Include detailed information such as the name of the key, identifying descriptions, and if applicable, the name of the key owner.

Create an organized system for signing out and returning keys

Capture and log essential information every time a key is checked out or checked back in. Management and security always know who has a key, when it was checked out, and why it was taken out. There is even an option for security to verify ID and get a signature before a key is handed over. This is useful for situations where building keys must be given to maintenance professionals or staff who don’t usually work in the building.

Enable security to release temporary keys to visitors or realtors

Temporary keys can be logged into the system and removed once the key has been returned to the rightful owner. A temporary key would be created if an owner is selling their unit and needs to provide a realtor access to their place, or if a unit owner is letting a short-term renter stay in their place for the weekend.

Run insightful key reports

Management can run key reports to analyze data and make necessary changes based on the unique information they have. Data can be organized by specific parameters, and reports can be exported in a variety of different formats.