Mobile App

Do more with your smartphone

Security can do their job more effectively using our mobile app

The mobile app empowers security officers to complete patrols using only their phones. At the beginning of a patrol, officers open the app, start a new patrol, and scan discreet NFC tags that have been placed at designated checkpoints along the route. No complicated software or hardware required. The app is compatible with iPhones and Androids, and works on both smartphones and tablets.

Create new routes from your phone

Management can easily create a new route from the mobile app. You have the option to create new checkpoints by scanning and designating NFC tags, or use existing checkpoints if you’ve already created a route for your security team. You have the flexibility to edit or remove checkpoints, too.  

Share important updates right away

Security can share important information with their team from every checkpoint. If something isn’t right, or if an incident has just occurred, they don’t have to return to the front desk to make a report. Officers can share photos, notes, or create an incident report directly from their phone, and management will be notified of incidents as soon as they are uploaded to the system.