Security Trends for 2021

Date: Dec-09-2020


Condo communities have had to make some big adjustments this year, and security and concierge professionals have had to play an essential role in keeping chaos to a minimum. More people are working from home, and as a result, some buildings have experienced more internal disturbances and conflict. Package deliveries have increased dramatically since more condo residents are trying to minimize physical interactions with others. And some neighbourhoods have found themselves in the middle of protests. Guards have had to go beyond their comfort levels, and perhaps help defuse situations that they’ve never encountered before.

2020 has been tough on everyone, but there have been some positive outcomes. As we get ready to start a new year, security companies that serve residential communities may want to consider how these emerging trends could impact or benefit them.     

Condo buildings are expecting more from security companies

It wasn’t all that long ago that corporations were outsourcing their security needs to multiple companies. They might have paid one vendor for a team of unarmed patrol guards, another company to monitor security footage, and a third company for concierge services.

However, that approach is increasingly being viewed as costly and inefficient by managers who are looking to consolidate security services in the interest of simplicity and affordability.

This new management perspective means security companies need to be prepared to offer a broader portfolio of products and services. This may be the time for your team to upgrade their training and/or qualifications. Security may be expected to be at the front desk, help visitors check-in, conduct scheduled patrols, monitor equipment and machinery, assist with package processing, and more. It’s a lot of work, but a manager will find it hard to downplay the value of a good security team.

Tech tools are becoming more prominent  

Technology has already changed the security industry in major ways, but change is constant, so companies should expect more security tech and advancements. As technology is refined to be more user-friendly and devices become more ubiquitous, the security industry will become more concerned with safe, online systems tailored to security guards and managers. This could include software programs, to apps, to better cameras and hardware. Good technology will support security professionals and help them complete their job more efficiently and effectively. It will solve problems as opposed to creating more issues, and encourage collaboration and transparency. 

Mobile security

There’s a smartphone app for nearly everything, so it only makes sense that we’re seeing a surge in apps designed for security professionals. These apps include everything from reporting programs that allow guards to quickly and easily create logs and incident reports, to programs that provide an extra layer of security by transmitting the GPS location of a guard and enabling 2-way communication with their team or manager. There are mobile applications for guard touring, visitor management, package processing and more. These aren’t new, but they are getting remarkably better.

Apps that deal with scheduling and administration are a bit newer, and are becoming more vital to security teams as well. The nature of physical security lends itself to intricate schedules; different post locations and shifts make scheduling a taxing process to manually manage. As security companies grow, moving from manual to digital becomes necessary. Expect to see a greater focus on administrative tasks like scheduling and documentation storage. These apps will help companies expand without requiring them to spend significantly more time or money to reach their goal.


Security companies have become more, not less vital to residential communities. No matter what’s going on, people want to feel safe in their homes. Convincing condo managers to invest in security can still be a challenge; even if they see the value, they may be more concerned about their bottom line. Having a qualified team, and unique security equipment can help your company stand out from the competition, and make you more attractive to the communities who could benefit most from your services.