How to choose the right security management software for your business

Date: Apr-30-2020


In this day and age, it’s no longer enough to invest in new equipment, research, and your employees to keep the company afloat. While those things are all welcome improvements to your company, all of those will all be put to waste without a security management system to serve as the bastion that protects all of your assets. Physical security is still a pressing matter that you should worry about.

Every company has a security team that keeps them, their assets, and their property safe from inner and outer troubles. However, not every company is using its security teams and equipment efficiently. This is where security management solutions step in to help you realize an impenetrable wall of defense for you, your team, and your clients.

In essence, a security management tool provides companies and property owners the capacity to operate their security procedures with better ease and efficiency. The software itself can be accessed through a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. It’s not just you that will have access to the software, your security guards will be able to utilize it as well.

These tools come with an assortment of features that further enhances the importance of security management software. Using compatible devices, your security guards will be able to generate their own roaming routes and checkpoints at your premises. These allow them to easily plan the most efficient way to protect your establishment. 

When picking the software you can use, you might be surprised at exactly how many solution providers there are out there. Before you take your pick and make your investment, let us guide you on how you can pick the right security management software for your business.

  • It should have mobile compatibility

Not every security management software has mobile compatibility. Those are the ones that you should try to avoid as much as possible as these leave a gaping hole in your system. 

Your security team isn’t going to stay put in one place and they’ll have to roam the premises of your office eventually.

Mobile compatibility is a must as it gives you and your security team access to your establishment wherever and whenever. Having that kind of all-around protection is crucial if you are protecting your assets.

At times, especially late at night, your guards will begin a thorough inspection of your establishment to check for anything suspicious. If they have a smartphone installed with the security management software, they can update their logs in real-time. They can also use the device to communicate with others in their team.

  • It must manage data and turn it to insights

The security in your premises will evolve over time depending on your current needs and the current conditions of your surroundings. You must be as dynamic as possible when it comes to how tight your security is and this is where data gathering and insights are good at.

Some security guard management solutions are capable of generating and organizing data. In these cases, the data can be turned into insights that you can then use to improve your security further. It’s arguably one of the top features you should look for.

  • It needs highly detailed guard monitoring

You’ll need to be protective of your security team as well, especially unarmed security guards. As such, the software should be capable of doing just that. There are various features that can help promote the well-being of your guards.

Aside from account management, the software should also be capable of monitoring a guard’s time at work. Such a feature isn’t only for their safety, but also for their productivity as well.

  • It must work offline

The internet is a helpful part of security management solutions but that is until the network experiences a downtime. Your internet connection suddenly going down can’t be helped but the thing is, this is when your company is at its most vulnerable. Even if it’s just for a minute, internet downtimes can become costly for companies.

Before you buy, check out the overview of security management software to see if it can run both online and offline. This helps you out greatly in those times when internet issues persist.

  • It must have real-time alerts

These solutions alert your security guards whenever an issue or emergency arises. The faster the alerts come, the faster your security team can respond. It’s important for alerts to come in real-time as even a single second of delay can be costly for your company. 

Delays are often caused by poor connections and other hardware or software issues. The best solutions in this field can surpass those potential issues and send out an alert the moment the need arises.

Strengthen your defenses now

It’s best to invest in the right software as early as you can. It doesn’t matter if you have the best field management software, fleet management software, or other advanced solutions. If you actually aren’t capable of protecting yourself, all your efforts might go to waste.

You have to keep in mind that without the proper security measures, your assets will always be at risk of being compromised. The right security team and right management software maximize the security you can provide yourself and your customers.