5 Companies That Need Security Guards

Date: Apr-07-2021

Author: Kim Brown

Virtually any business can benefit from having security guards present and working onsite. Most companies hire guards to protect the business and its assets, but the presence of guards may have an added benefit of putting people at ease. Customers or residents feel safer because they know there is someone available to handle possible threats to safety.  

Security guards are some of the best deterrents against theft, vandalism, and other unwanted behaviour. As such, some businesses that are more susceptible to these problems (think banks, retail and event venues) need security guards in order to operate safely and protect patrons.  

Different companies will have different needs and expectations, which means your company will have more success securing new clients if it can offer specialized skills or equipment that the competition cannot. Although guards have standard roles they are expected to perform, they should be prepared to interact with people at some level if they are working around guests or patrons. The company may also need the guards to perform special duties or complete intricate patrols. This is why it is helpful to have a security software system that can automate and simplify patrols, improve communication between managers and guards, and help create accurate, standardized reports, no matter where your guards are stationed.  

Organizations that need security guards

Below is a list of organizations that routinely seek help from security companies. When competing for their business, consider the unique security and safety requirements that these organizations may have.

This is probably one of the most obvious companies on the list. Banks carry lots of cash, making these financial institutions an attractive target to criminals who want to get a lot of money in very little time. Surprisingly, bank robberies in the U.S. are not as common as most of us think. Even though the thought of walking out with bags of money is tempting, people are well aware of how difficult it would be to successfully rob a bank. Nevertheless, when someone does attempt to rob a bank, security guards are an absolute necessity to protecting the assets, and more importantly, the people in the bank.

While banks have many security features, cameras and other technology can only do so much. Onsite guards are likely to be the ones who contact the police for additional assistance, and will have the training to defuse potentially volatile situations.  

Academic institutions are hiring security guards to help ensure children can learn in an environment free of weapons and violence. The presence of security guards can help deter bullying between schoolmates, vandalism, and other disruptive behaviour. Since guards will be familiar with the educational institution, they also know where incidents are most likely to occur, and can monitor those areas more frequently.

Guards are also vital to maintaining order during protests or demonstrations at high schools or college campuses, and keeping any controversial visitors safe during their time on campus.

Finally, guards may be asked to escort college students late at night and make sure they arrive home safely.

Shoplifting is one of the most common types of crimes in America. It’s estimated that 1 in 11 people have shoplifted before, and it’s not just teens who steal from retail stores. Middle-class adults shoplift because it’s seen as a low-risk, high-reward activity. Collectively, businesses have lost as much as $20 billion in a single year due to shoplifting. Stores that sell clothing, sunglasses, shoes, electronics, home improvement items, makeup and alcohol are particularly susceptible to theft.  

Security guards are very helpful to busy retail associates who are focused on assisting customers in the store. Guards help deter theft by discouraging shoplifting opportunists from entering the store at all. They can keep watch over inventory, and stop anyone who attempts to walk out of the store with a stolen item.

Fights between patrons may also begin inside or directly outside of large shopping centres. With so many people in such a small area, a lot of damage can be done in a small amount of time. Onsite guards can quickly separate people engaged in violent activity, or call for backup if necessary.

Healthcare institutions
Hospitals are some of the busiest institutions in America. Every day, hundreds of people go in and out of these buildings, and staff simply do not have the time to keep tabs on every visitor. Many hospital wings now have access control systems to ensure unauthorized visitors don’t end up somewhere they shouldn’t be, but guards add an extra layer of security. Regular patrols can be conducted in the building, with checkpoints being placed near medicine storage units, restricted access points, stairwells, emergency entrances end equipment rooms. If something isn’t right at any point during the patrol, the guard can notify the appropriate parties right away.

Guards who provide services to hospitals should be familiar with first aid fundamentals. In rare cases, they may be expected to respond to an emergency and help provide medical assistance.

With so many people visiting hospitals, guards should also be prepared to answer questions (mostly about directions) from guests.

Hotels and hospitality

Hotels are temporary homes to all types of different people. Some use hotels while travelling on business, others come to celebrate a special occasion with family or friends. Some guests want absolute quiet while others want to party. A security guard can help keep the peace and ensure everyone enjoys the shared space. They will also help keep damage to shared facilities such as gyms or pools, to a minimum.  

Hotel security may also be responsible for escorting guests and staff to and from the hotel. If valet parking is unavailable late at night, a guard may escort guests and staff in order to make them feel safer. Furthermore, guards may need to escort intoxicated guests off of hotel property, especially if the hotel has a bar, or a major event recently ended nearby.

Security guards may also patrol parking lots, lobbies, stairwells, mechanical rooms, and monitor CCTV surveillance to ensure every guest has a safe and pleasant experience.


Safety and security are critical pillars to the success of any business. Employing preventative measures is the best strategy an organization can use to avoid accidents, damage and even lawsuits.

A security team can be an invaluable asset to companies because they can introduce preventative strategies and policies that the company hadn’t even thought of. Your team may also identify weak points that the organization overlooked. A security company that can demonstrate its value is much more likely to maintain long-term relationships with its clients. While hiring a security team can be expensive, it’s often more costly for a company to remain vulnerable to security threats than work with a qualified security company.

An integrated security approach is often the most effective approach. This means combining onsite guards with access control systems and CCTV cameras. While guards do a lot to prevent and minimize crime and unwanted behaviour, they cannot be everywhere at once. A simple and robust guard tour system such as Patrol Points can help to make your team more productive and effective.