Patrol Points

Streamlining Security Management One Checkpoint At A Time

Patrol Points

Streamlining Security Management One Checkpoint At A Time


Schedule patrol routes

The Patrol Points app comes with dedicated patrol schedules based on a daily, weekly and monthly time period.

Incident Reporting

Report an incident as in happens through the app. Security guards can take a picture and add notes of the incident.

Real-time alerts & monitoring

Monitor patrols, collect and analyze information in real time so you can solve problems quickly to enjoy smoother security operations.

Cloud: online & offline mode

The “offline mode” enables you to scan and store checkpoints even if you’re not connected to WiFi or other networks.

Why our customers choose us


Our platform is highly customizable and is designed to scale with your organizations. This is a great way to constantly improve your guard tour patrol systems and ensure better productivity. Patrol Points also allows you to send and receive notifications, update security patrol details, and keep track of patrol locations and activity in your property.


Are you frustrated with the time and resources consuming guard tour patrol systems? You’re not alone. That’s why we designed Patrol Points- an affordable, easy to use, centralized and digitized guard tour patrol system that allows you to operate all security solutions straight from your smartphone.


Patrol Points uses cloud technology to offer a dependable guard tour patrol system that you can use to maximize efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs and working hours! Patrol Points is backed by Condo Control, a property management software company with a 99.9% SLA. 

Our mobile app uses the NFC technology in a security guard’s smartphone to scan each checkpoint. Eliminating the need to purchase a security wand or other equipment. You only need a smartphone and NFC checkpoints which we provide.

Security Guard Checkpoint System

Our aim is to offer an effective and convenient security solution to property owners and security companies using cloud-based technology. Patrol Points is a cutting-edge guard patrol system that you can easily operate from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can use it to plan and oversee patrol routes, keep track of security personnel, and manage all the other aspects of your building’s security processes.

From the swipe of a button, you can create patrol routes or rosters and send them out to your patrol guards immediately. The app simplifies the patrol tour process significantly. All you need to do is place the NFC enabled token at each checkpoint so that your patrol guard can simply scan the device with a smartphone. This will show you their exact location as well as the time at which they made their rounds. This is a great way to ensure that your guards are sticking to the patrol routes and schedule that you created.

Not only that, but you can simultaneously connect multiple devices to the cloud. This allows for on-demand communication with any member of your team. You’ll even receive incident reports and photographs instantly so that you can take appropriate measures on each report you get.

Your patrol guards will enjoy the convenience of carrying around a smartphone to work, without the need for extra, bulky equipment. It’ll also give them the added certainty of knowing that they can always send an SOS message if they come across a truly dangerous situation and someone will come to their aid almost instantly.

The peace of mind offered by a cloud-based guard patrol system cannot be overstated, and you’ll thank yourself for making the shift.

Add-on Features

Parking Management

Seamlessly manage parking permits for your residents and visitors.

Key Tracking

Enables security guards to keep track of all key placements.

Authorized Entry

See who is authorized to access a certain unit or space in the building.

Security Log

Guards can easily log events that took place during their shift.